1. pappu says

    why is there 6 pichters shedent it be 1 pichers in ech pack becase i went on the website and i clicked on a imege and there were 6 imeges but i didnt go on aneder one i dont want to go on a neder one becase i dont want to cep riting it will be relly boring riting and riting and i dont want to wast my time i will be anoyed becase i wont play on my xbox 360 and have fun playing halo 3 and splinter sell batelfilld and on batelfilld i am a gold sagent i weced so hard dise week and iv aredy got 5 rates and my avitar is rated 4 and a half stars and the best bite is i can get a relly good costum for free and the costum is a cowboy costum and i finck i look like a rele cowboy and i hade a neder costum called smarte pants and i ollwes lafe a way and i fell relly prawed thate i have an xbox 360 i love playing on it itis so fun i code play oll day but i dont want to go on the xbox 360 now oo its so so so fun and it can bee relly funny and i got to go now and i will be back and one last fing it is a secret i like i have 200 choclats and i have 193 left

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