Bosco Verticale – World’s First Vertical Forest in Milan, Italy

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Milan is the second largest city in Italy after the capital, Rome. And Italy is the fifth most populous country in Europe and 23rd most populous in the world. Like any of the other big cities of the world, Milan is also facing lack of fresh air and greenery. Milan is also regarded as the Fashion capital of the world due to which huge number of tourists also visit the city throughout the year adding to the urban sprawl and increased emissions. So, Italian architect Stefano Boeri has come up with an unique concept to create vertical forests in order to help in reforestation of the city. The project named “Bosco Verticale” which is the Italian for “Vertical Forest” will have two towers where humans can co-habitat with trees. The 365 and 260 foot emerald twin towers will house an astonishing 900 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 ground cover plants. The 27 storied building will accommodate nearly one hectare of forest trees as tall as oak and amelanchiers in its cleverly designed balconies. The project is already undergoing construction and here are some photos of the final illustration once the project gets completed as well as the current construction status. It will be a sight to behold for sure once completed. Hopefully it will also encourage other megacities to work on reforestation of cities especially to improve the quality of air.

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